About the cartoons

Miss Mayhem loves art, drawing and creating.  We are constantly in awe of the cartoons she churns out at an amazing speed with wonderful detail and thought put into them.  She says that there are little people inside her head telling her what to draw.

For a while she has been asking me to recreate them on the computer  to make them more “real”, so when I started this blog,  I thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to use her cartoons.  The main stumbling block is matching her cartoons to my posts.  She doesn’t like me to ask her what to draw, I need to leave that to the little people.

I redraw her images trying to retain as much of the original lines and hand-drawn feel as possible.  My only creative input is the colouring in, and when I feel very brave ( with a large stash of chocolates in my arsenal), suggesting a particular image to draw.