It’s been a while since I’ve written over here. I wish I could tell you that our journey became easier. But it didn’t. It became worse, more traumatic than one would think imaginable, eventually catapulting us deep into crisis. One that makes Kafka look like a dreary Disney story in comparison.

I know our story is not unique. I am back in this space to make you feel a little less lonely if you are going through this too. I am back here to share our very long journey to a diagnosis of autism. It took 10 years. Countless tears. A lot of learning and research. More e-mails than I could count. The brink of breaking point and beyond.

I last wrote on here in 2017. It will take a few posts to go back to where we were, to let this story unfold. One which will help you understand how hard it is for people without a diagnosis.

In the meantime, I wish I could tell you that time has healed our wounds. It hasn’t. It is gaping and raw and far from rehabilitated. We can now only hope that we are moving closer to healing.

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