Time Heals

It’s been a while since I’ve written over here. I wish I could tell you that our journey became easier. But it didn’t. It became worse, more traumatic than one would think imaginable, eventually catapulting us deep into crisis. One that makes Kafka look like a dreary Disney story in comparison. I know our story […]

The ODDity

I am not going to go to great lengths about what ODD is, there are plenty of psychology websites and professionals who can provide information about this with much greater expertise.  In brief, a child must exhibit four of the following characteristics in order to be diagnosed: They frequently lose their temper  – oh yes, all […]

Friday on my Mind

The first few mornings of the school run brings with it some extra frosty weather and we decide to encourage the kids to wear gloves.  Mayhem declares that she has lost hers.  We find a few pairs of gloves in the house that she will be able to use.  “These are too long”, she says […]

My Left Kidney

First day back at school.  Cartwheels and whoops of joy.  Six hours less of treading carefully to avoid landmines which might go off in my face.  The silence is magical. Mayhem is in good spirits when I collect her from school,  but within 10 minutes of getting home, she is howling.   She has a […]

Happy Meal

After a few days indoors with stinking colds (the parents), we decide that we shall treat the kids to their favourite meal of all.  Mac Donald’s.  Happiness in a cardboard box with a crappy toy.  Added bonus, I have a cold, I can’t smell all the wholesome goodness packed in the yellow arched fry house. […]

New Years Day

New Years Day and we wake up to the most delightful little girl you can possibly imagine.  She has fetched Happy Boy and they have hidden in her room doing “something secret”.  It’s a pretty reasonable hour too, between 9am and 10am.  We have the perfect children, what the hell have I been complaining about? […]

The Last Days of 2016

The best way I can describe the last few months of 2016 is that it’s been like a flight in a very small plane entering an  area of thunderstorms.  Buckle up, grab the sick bag and hope that you come out clean on the other side. A couple of weeks ago, the bumpy ride became […]